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6. Do a walk Through

If it is possible, get someone in your target demographic use your site for the first time and observe them. The point of this is to let yourself understand how to see the site through the eye's of others.

7. Use photo of real people / things / situations for landing pages

Showing photo of real people on your landing pages can dramatically boosts your conversions

8. Do follow up

Follow up with your buyers' or prospects' list by asking them what are they expecting to receive, what they thought of your product and any questions they might have for you. You could automate the follow up process with an autoresponder account like Get Response, Aweber.

9. Make your hyperlinks red

Studies have shown that blue links converts the best because it the natural color of links used online. However, experiences tell us that link clickthroughs are boosted by making links red. (Beamax boosted their link clickthroughs by making the links red)

10. Create demonstration videos



Starting today I will share 5 Tips/ per day on what are the techniques applied by most IM to boost your conversions. Some of us may find that the conversions process is one of their major problem but for some it is the easiest part out of all. If you falls on the 2nd category....WOW!, this is so perfect for you.
Now, lets us give a hand to those who is still struggling to break their 1st dollar income in this business.
1. Pick up copywriting and persuasion skills

Copywriting is a skill that all online business owners should master. Be it in writing PPC ads to sales writing letters, copywriting is one of the important techniques you need to boost conversions.

2. Adding Proof

Find and communicate proof or testimonials of your product to boost your conversion rate.

3. Accreditation and Credibility

Demonstrate that you're certified by placing credible logos from 3rd party side linking to a google places, Yelp, Yellow Pages listing or a professional groups. This help prove that you'r…

Advertising vs Marketing

Many of us can't differentiate between ADVERTISING and MARKETING.
In fact,  some of the business practitioner are confident that these two, are the same. Well, the understanding of this basic subject could be the most important knowledge that every each of us required in order to build a strong business. Once you misunderstood it's function, you are at the risk of exposing your business with a failure.

This is one good article to share about the topic and I hope, it could clear up our understanding about this 2 most basic subject. Anyone who plan to start your own business, you need to define these 2 with the correct term and understanding.

Happy Reading! Read More Here